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Many of us were taught how to diet, not how to eat.

Are you Ready to learn what it really takes to keep your body energized and nourished?

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We know how to count calories.

We know how to restrict.

We know how to ignore hunger.

We know how to obsess.


We know how to diet hardcore … right up until the point where we can’t stand it anymore and then wipe out a whole package of Oreos.


We know how to live on coffee, chewing gum, and water all day only to eat everything in sight in the evenings and over the weekends.


But we have no idea how to actually nourish ourselves consistently with food. 


And that's what this guide was created to help you do.


It's packed with 211 pages of information on metabolism, the importance of carbs, fats, and protein, and a cheat sheet of important vitamins and minerals. You'll find advice here on how to calculate your daily energy needs, adjust based on more or less activity levels, simple ways to get more micronutrients, and a few of my favorite recipes to keep your energy up and your body well-nourished.


You'll also find a robust section on special populations with specific research-backed information on nutrition for women and menstruating individuals, active lifestyles, endurance athletes, fasted exercise, and vegetarians and vegans.


For less than the cost of a month of nutrition coaching, you can now own this incredible and comprehensive resource to help you fuel and nourish yourself better through every phase of your life.


It's time we learn how to talk about food and nutrition without all the shame and diet culture BS. It's time we learn how to fuel our awesome lives.


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Fuel Your Awesome Nutrition Guide (Digital)
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Fuel Your Awesome Nutrition Guide (Digital)
$125.00 USD